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It is an official program for students and young people, which gives possibility to spend holidays in Germany, earn some money (starting with 1500 €/month), get to know new people and practice language skills. Such an experience will always remain in your memories and will make your CV look much better. We are a German company based in a beautiful city of Bremen. Our international team has a wide range of experience dealing with international markets and we love helping people from abroad to find job opportunities in Germany.
Possible Job fields
• Hotels and restaurants
• Amusement Parks
• Administrative work
• Field work in Farms or Vineyards, a great possibility to relax from civilization and experience a true rural expedition
• Warehouse, factories and many other…

• Age 18 - 40
• Salary from 9,35 Euro/ hour
• 40 working hours/ week
• Accommodation provided by employer
• Permanent support before, after and during your stay in Germany

017 653 243 390
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