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Гостиница - Магазин - Ресторан / Помощник
Our German company, based in a beautiful city of Bremen, is always looking for young motivated people willing to earn some good extra money (starting with 1500 €/month), get to know new people and practice language skills.
Job Description
You will work in warehouses from online shops, famous German supermarkets or have a position on a factory. You do not need any previous experience in this fields. All the tasks can be learned easily within a couple of days.

• Starting all the year round
• German language not required
• Must have good English skills
• Age 18 - 40
• Salary from 10,15 Euro/ hour. Plus extra money for night shifts.
• 40 working hours/ week
• Accommodation provided by employer for 14,50 Euro/ night
• Permanent support before, after and during your stay in Germany

017 653 243 390
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Гостиница - Магазин - Ресторан / Помощник
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Гостиница - Магазин - Ресторан / Помощник