Fitters and Assemblers are needed

зарплата в час
Строительство / Монтажник
The Estonian - Finnish company Alvasar OY is looking for
⁃ Fitters and assemblers 10 - 16 euro/hour net
Experience with Programming will be a great advantage.

- knowledge of English
- work experience from 3 years

We draw up all legal working Finnish documents. We provide housing, work clothes, tools and medical insurance. We partially compensate the cost of home - work tickets. We solve all work and domestic issues throughout the contract, our managers are always in touch, ready to help and advise you on any issue.

The level of your salary will depend on your experience, your level of qualification, quality requirements at the facility, the complexity of the work itself and knowledge of languages. The salary level will also depends on your nationality, since in Finland there is a concept of progressive taxation. There are different tax rates for EU citizens and non - EU citizens. Each case is individual, we will tell you the level of your salary immediately after the 1st interview.

+372 566 476 95

+372 566 476 95

+372 566 476 95
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