Personal Assistant in Lymassol

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Бизнес - Финансы - Продажи / Ассистент руководителя
Nexters is an international game development company which strives to introduce the joy of core gaming experiences to casual players.

We offer vast opportunities for talented team members to evolve into their full potential and grow together with us.

We are looking to hire an experienced personal assistant, who is equally proficient in understanding business tasks and can perform the functions of a family manager. You`ll become the right hand of the executive of our company and help to organize his daily business tasks and family routine.

Business responsibilities:

- Management of the executive’s work schedule (calendar / trips / vacations / appointments / medical visits / holidays etc. )
- Business contacts support: correspondence, mail management, organization of calls with partners, counterparties
- Dealing with documents / Governmental organizations
- Paperflow management
- Search for outsourcers, follow - up on the implementation of the tasks
- Travel booking for the staff and the Company accommodation, flights, transfers and the preparation of travel itineraries
- Helping with staff relocation
- Visa / Travel and holidays support
- Dealing with correspondence / delivery companies
- Calls making and answering
- Reminding the executive of important tasks and deadlines
- Gathering, analysis and systematization of information, review of business letters and proposals and delivering the main points to the executive in clear form.

Family responsibilities:

- Fulfilment of personal errands for executive and his family
- Parcel management for family members
- Family paperwork management
- Arragements of business and personal trips: support / paperwork / tickets / business aviation / routes / hotel booking / car rental / transfer, etc
- Household staff management: work with agencies and private candidates / control of performance / conversations with staff based on family feedback


- Excellent Greek & English & Russian language skills both spoken and written
- Citizenship of the European Union!
- 2 years of secretarial or administrative work experience minimum
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Strong knowledge of MS Office skills
- Be in touch 24/7!
- Capable and willing to work both from home and office
- High attention to detail along with the ability to multitask and prioritize
- Good navigation, quick reaction
- Ready to work in a team
- Well - presented, trustworthy, punctual, committed, flexible and reliable. We wish you consider this opportunity as a long - term commitment


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Бизнес - Финансы - Продажи / Ассистент руководителя
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Бизнес - Финансы - Продажи / Ассистент руководителя