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Транспорт - Логистика / Автомеханик
Hello, my name is Andrey. I’m 19. I’m looking for a car mechanic, preferably in the United States. I know a lot about the arrangement of cars; I independently restored such cars as the Audi 100 c4, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120, BMW E34 to perfect condition. I can provide evidence by mail or throw a link to the machines on drive2. I completely disassembled, prepared, repaired, painted cars, searched for parts myself. I can do a lot, I think car repair is one of my hobbies. I myself am a computer technician, but due to money problems I started making cars and got my own car thanks to this type of activity. Easy to learn, since I searched for every solution to the problem myself. Priority work in the USA, Canada or Germany. I know a lot about VAG cars.

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