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Hello mister , madam
Let me introduce myself
My name is Anna. I am a citizen of Lithuania. I have an EU passport and a card.
I do not need a visa
I was born in Russia Graduated from the Russian school. Was educated in the specialty Economy , Accounting and Audit Qualification Accountant
Have a driver`s license category B Marital status single, no children . Without bad habbits. Fluently speak Russian and English language .
Thanks to its historical root from Lithuania I received a second passport Lithuania and a card EU. I am a citizen of Lithuania.
At the moment l continue to learn English language
I am a workable sympathetic benevolent
I would like to find a job in your country (city Canton )
I can work in the field of tourism, trade in enterprises, factory , in places where Russian is required

In the application I sent my resume .

With respect ANNA

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