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Личный помощник генерального директора за границу

зарплата в месяц
Бизнес - Финансы - Продажи / Ассистент
We are selecting the new Executive Personal Assistant for our CEO.

The candidate must be female, maximum 28 years of age. Specific experience is not the main criteria of selection. Selected candidate must have fast learning curve and strong adaptability.

Candidates are required to send a resume with photo. Please note that candidacies without age specification or photo will not be considered. This vacancy is abroad, not in Russia. Main locations are in Paris, London and NYC, but travels are frequent worldwide.

Position requirements:
- Basic English at least, perfect Russian language.
- Total availability to travel worldwide assisting our CEO, in particular in USA and Europe
- Strong inclination to a career and new life abroad.
- Excellent organization skills. Excellent communication and PR skills and excellent appearance.

Position Benefits:
- Life expenses and accommodation
- Fixed monthly salary (starting at € 2,500 net + bonus)
- High career Perspectives
- Long term work contract: minimum 3 years
- Our company will carry out the required procedures for work visas.

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