Vacancy description in Sweden

зарплата в месяц
Строительство / Электрик
1. Position: electrician
2. Age limit: 20 - 50
3. Amount of people needed: permanent demand
4. Work start time: already needed
5. Working period: permanent employment
6. Work schedule: Tickets (work – home). For resident of the Baltics (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) is paid by RG and they have 2 work schedule: 4 weekwork and 1 week home, 6 week work and 2 week home.
7. Work location: Sweden, mostly Stockholm area
8. Work description: RG is an electrical company doing electrical works on living and administrative buildings construction sites. Work - internal and external as well as fire, control and Internet systems
09. Salary and testing period: testing period salary is 10 - 12 eur per hour netto, after testing period is possible to raise to 13 - 14 eur per hour (if the candidate can manage a group of people) + bonus system. Here in details. After interview we will see what qualification the candidate have and make him a price offer in 10 - 12 EUR netto range. Please explain this
to candidates that CV do not show all needed information and we need live dialogue – question/answer mode. We can start from 10,11 or 12 eur per hour, all depend from candidate ́s skills and how he act in interview. We search
candidates for long therm cooperation and statistic shows that 4 months is the period which will show us who the candidate really is and what are his plans for working in our company. After 4 month we speak again about salary rising
possibilities. Also if for example even in 1 or 1,5 months we see the employee is working independently without problems, than we also can negotiate about salary rase. NB! Please explain to candidates that our company need one thing – stable employees who are following our policy, rules and standards, we do not
demand something extra hard, we demand basic things and after employee shows it to us we are open to him in different ways also. The main thing – the employee must show it to us on a practical work. Permanent and stable employee is a key to success for our company.
12. Conditions: we are buy tools and working clothes
13. Work hours: Minimum 40 hours in week. Sometime is possible to work more. Overtime is paid as usual rate.
14. Extra costs: SSG safety card is required. This will be paid by employee and valid for 5 years. The card is personal and will stay at employee for all time. Cost around 100 - 150 EUR, will be taken from salary, by parts if needed.
We can offer placement service for EU citizens only (EU passports). Due to EU Labour Legislation we can’t offer service to the holders of Polish Working visas, or biometrical and other kinds of similar documents.

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