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We are looking for a Rioja Wine Sale Manager in Spain who will perform sales and marketing tasks with the aim of improving wine sales.

The Sales Manager will promote the winery brand within the marketplace to improve brand recognition and brand equity.

The Sales Manager will work at all levels of the distribution chain, including retail, distribution and consumer level.

The Sales Manager will be involved in the planning of sales and marketing strategies.

This post is a good fit for someone who is passionate about wine and has strong sales skills. To do well in this job a Wine Sales Manager will also need solid organisational skills, experience in the industry and advanced knowledge of wines. The position involves a great deal of travel, selling the winery products to clients in a variety of locations.

Wine Sales Manager Responsibilities

* Develop and implement sales strategies

The Wine Sales Manager will help develop sales strategies for each brand that the winery produces.
Update clients on new product launches. Should the winery launch a new product, it is the responsibility of the Wine Sales Manager to ensure customers know about it. Manager will promote the new product in a way that maximises exposure for the brand.

* Create an annual sales plan

The annual sales plan will deliver an overview of how and when products will be promoted in the market. The plan will detail key objectives and explain how brand sales strategies will meet them.

* Identify new clients for the wineries products

The Wine Sales Manager will research the market to discover new clients who may be interested in the products that the winery produces. Manager will develop a plan for approaching those potential new clients.

* Organise wine deliveries for special events

The Wine Sales Manager will occasionally run promotional events for the winery. Manager should organise the delivery of these wines and ensure that the winery is well represented at the event.

* Analyse market trends and identify opportunities

The Wine Sales Manager will use a vast knowledge of the wine industry to identify new sales opportunities for the winery. That may be a new product line which matches consumer preferences or a new advertising campaign to reach a certain demographic.

* Help to develop marketing strategies

* Conduct special events for the winery
The Wine Sales Manager will organise special events like wine tastings.

* Conduct wine sales analysis

Manager should understand sales trends in the market and how the wineries current products are performing, given those trends. The Wine Sales Manager will create action plans based on sales analysis.

* Coordinate with the logistic team to ensure an adequate supply of wine

* Perform all wine sales with respect to applicable laws

The Wine Sales Manager must be aware of liquor sales laws in the jurisdictions in which they are operating.

* Be the face of the company at trade events
The Wine Sales Manager will represent the winery at many trade events. The knowledge of wine and presentation of the brand must be of the highest standard.

* Support clients
Manager may have to provide support to consumers of the wineries products occasionally.

Work Experience

- A minimum of 1 - 3 years sales experience in the wine industry
- Experience providing training and giving presentations
- Ideally, some experience in a marketing role

Key skills

- Strong organisational and planning skills
- Sales skills and the ability to influence people
- A people person who can build strong relationships with people in the industry
- Very strong communication skills, both written and verbal in Spain language
- Good computer skills
- Analytical skills and ability to translate complex sales reports into meaningful business knowledge
- Passionate and knowledgeable about wine

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