Inhouse lawyer

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Бизнес - Финансы - Продажи / Юрист
An inhouse lawyer is needed for a full-time position at an aviation company.

Description of work:

- dealing with current open legal cases (mostly related to contractual disputes, labour disputes, refunds from suppliers) ;
- opening new legal cases;
- preparing drafts of contracts (for aviation, for suppliers) ;
- checking contracts from suppliers/clients before signing, giving legal opinion;
- preparing general legal strategy for the company;
- going to courts, police, other governmental institutions if needed;
- providing day-to-day legal advice.


- the applicant must have the necessary documents to work in Spain;
- fluent in English and Spanish;
- perfect knowledge of Spanish law;
- relevant legal experience of minimum 5 years;
- proven record of successful legal career (i. e. successfully closed cases in favour of the employer) ;
- time-management skills;
- loyalty;
- ability to multitask;
- no distractions on legal cases unrelated to the employer - MANDATORY;
- ability to meet the deadlines;
- no bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

Payment - fixed monthly salary + bonuses for overtime work + commission from closed cases.

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