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Транспорт - Логистика / Водитель
Connection to UBER / Taxify and other taxi aggregators without intermediaries in Poland! Global Taxi Company invites drivers to fulfill orders for the transport of passengers and baggage.
Our company is engaged in connecting to a taxi since 2014!
We connect you to the system absolutely free of charge, without collateral and contributions, our drivers work with a zero balance. We offer low commission!
Connecting to taxi aggregators on the most favorable conditions on the day of the application!
Possible to rent a car.
You will receive your earnings on a bank card without delay, withdrawal of non - cash funds will be made as soon as possible.
A huge stream of orders, minimal downtime, free schedule, around the clock support friendly and responsive dispatchers. Individual approach to each driver! Connect to UBER and other taxi aggregators without intermediaries!
Become part of our team, call, come!


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Транспорт - Логистика / Водитель
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Транспорт - Логистика / Водитель