Manual loading and unloading of shipping containers

зарплата в месяц
Рабочий персонал / Рабочий
Manual loading and unloading of shipping containers and trucks in a team.
The Netherlands. Office Maaskantje. Different locations in the Netherlands (in consultation).
Norm: 4 containers is generally a day' s work, the standard of the container means how many hours it may take to load and/or unload the container. For example: the norm per container is 2 hours, but the four containers are loaded/unloaded in 5 hours. The day' s work is then done and you may go home. You will be paid for 4 containers á 2 hours.
The rent is between 50.00 euros per week (transport to and from work, gas, electricity included).
Accommodation for 2 people in a room.
Salary 11.01 EUR / hour (gross).
Workdays: Monday to Friday. Saturday possible in consultation.
Working week 38 - 48 hours.
When you start we assume you will do your job well, so you start with a corresponding bonus of € 75,00 per 4 weeks (gross). That equals € 0,47 per hour (gross).
Your bonus can even grow up to € 175,00 per 4 weeks (gross). That equals € 1,09 per hour (gross).
Working on Sundays and public holidays are paid extra (you get paid 200%).
Working on Saturdays are paid extra (you get paid 150%).
Holiday allowance is 8% of your gross salary and is paid once a year in June (or the moment you leave our company).
Based on a fulltime contract you get 160 hours paid holiday.
Salary once a month. Advance payment of € 75,00 per week is possible after one week of work.
Working shoes and clothing that are necessary for your job are free of charge.
Drivers of our company cars will receive as an extra benefit 50 km per week free of charge for personal use (also no tax additions).
Opportunities to grow into a supervisor position such as stevedore 1 or foreman.


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