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Домашний персонал - Образование / Домработница
I’m living in Nice area, family with one child (5yo), looking for a housekeeper and nanny who is serious, dedicated and flexible.

The person needs to speak fluent or at least very good English OR French. The obligations of that person will include:

- Housekeepeng, which means daily maintenance in the household, cleaning, ironing, washing, etc
- Cooking
- Nanny service in combination with the cleaning and housekeeping and occasionally also night babysit.

The person needs to be energetic, preferably not more than 50 years of age. It’s a full time position with exclusivity, meaning working only for me and my family. Every day, one day off per week, availability day and night for babysit when needed. Might include also some travels but not often.

Please send applications with photo.

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Домашний персонал - Образование / Домработница
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Домашний персонал - Образование / Домработница