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We are looking for a part time warehouse operations in Charlton, London.


flexible hours (approx 10 - 15 hours weekly, depending on the order level). No heavy lifting required. Minimal London wage.
Candidate requirements:

good attention to detail, readiness to come to work on short notice (local resident preferred), able to work in accurate manner, good communication skills, be able to work on own initiative and as part of a team, basic computer literacy (filling online forms, typing and printing shipping documents, Excel).

Work duties:

attend shipments on arrival;
unload products, stack on the shelves;
make an inventory of the new shipment ensure the quantity is the same as in the docs;
identify any discrepancy in styles, sizes, colors;
report any discrepancy to the operations manager;
pack the orders, approved by the operations manager;
select the best options for prompt cost effective delivery;
order online forwarders to pick up the shipments on line;
file shipping documents, dispatch orders, Issue invoices, packing lists, other docs required;
manage company accounts with UPS, DHL, Royal mail;
check that the shipments have arrived on time;
resolve the situation if a shipment is lost or damaged, has discrepancy, other issues;
equip warehouse with shelves, racks, desk, etc.;
order boxes, tape, bags, tissue paper, etc as necessary;
make an inventory of the products on regular basis;
keep it clean & tidy (sweep floor, shelves weekly at least);
various miscellaneous warehouse duties.

Warehouse address: Charlton, London.

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