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Бизнес - Финансы - Продажи / Менеджер
Company which has more than 20 years specializiruetsya on the sale of spare parts for foreign cars. At the moment our company is:
- several retail shopping centres in Moscow;
- center wholesale sales of spare parts;
- some wholesale sales centers in regions of Russia;
- a single multi-channel information and consultation service with professional sellers-consultants;
- Internet system the formation of the order for the shipment of goods from warehouses.

We constantly have in stock more than 30.000 items of original and high quality spare parts, components and assemblies for cars, fully meet the needs of wholesale and retail buyers. Today the company employs about 230 people, we have been growing rapidly, and the staff is constantly increasing. Core staff members of our firm: young, progressive professionals, for whom cars and parts not only work but also a hobby.

1. Energy, attentiveness
2. Self-sufficiency
3. Ambition
4. Being result-oriented Language knowledge : Chinese English Russian (an asset)
PC: professional/user/non-objective Confident user Software: 1С Being skilful in using catalogues of spare parts for cars. Work experience From 4-5 years

Providing for supply of bearings for Korean, Japanese, as well as European cars. Knowing suppliers in China. Searching for new suppliers (negotiations, contracts) Providing product quality control. Providing placed order accomplishment control and suppliers interaction. Providing the best cost prices. Providing monitoring of the market, suppliers as well as competitors. Going frequently on business trips across China.

Salary: Probationary period from 2000$ Fixed 2000$ + bonus

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