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The Chinese Agency for the Employment of English Teachers is very interested in recruiting teachers, so they are doing a one - month (June 2019) campaign: free vacancy

The employer is Sherry, a major Chinese recruiting agency for English teachers Sherry. Licensed. Employing and accompanying throughout the contract more than 200 employees a year in various cities of China.

Vacancy description:
Teachers of English are required to educational institutions in China. Knowledge of Chinese is not required. A personal Chinese assistant who is fluent in English will always help with the learning process. Vacancy is relevant and you can start work right now. Contract is 1 year. It is possible to go home for the winter and summer holidays on demand.
Schedule: 5 days a week (40 academic hours of which no more than 30 training hours, the rest are devoted to preparation);
Level of English: Conversational, accent plays an important role (it is checked beforehand through a short presentation video and further through an online interview)

Salary: Starting rate from 9000 yuan = $ 1,350 the first six months and 10,000 yuan = $ 1,500 the second half of the year + from $ 600 brings additional lessons ($ 25 - 35 per lesson)

The salary is announced starting and is discussed during the interview and depends on the level of qualification, work experience, the availability of higher specialized education (optional) and the country of education, etc.; we treat each candidate individually. There are special contracts for native speakers and candidates with higher education in English - speaking countries.

Additionally -
Free accommodation;
Meals during the working days;
Medical insurance;
Paid national Chinese holidays;
Chinese classes (optional);
Obtaining the certificate of TEFL at will;
Work trainings (upon arrival, 2 - 3 weeks of compulsory training, in order to familiarize themselves with the volume and process of lessons; further, if desired, for the development of qualifications);
Payment of tickets after the successful completion of the annual contract in the amount of 3000 - 5000 yuan. When extending a contract, increase the working rate.

Legal Employment: A work visa is opened upon arrival at the expense of the employer (Business visa is possible on a wish of candidate and own expenses). Conditions vary depending on the country of which the candidate is a citizen. Candidates from Eastern (CIS) and Western Europe, North and South America and the Commonwealth countries are considered. Documents are collected at home before arriving to China. We provide assistance and advice at all stages until departure, upon arrival of the candidate, representatives of the agency in China meet and carry out further support on the spot. For any issues during the contract, the agency will provide support in resolving them.

Candidate Requirement:
Knowledge of conversational English.
Love for children.
Neat look.
Pleasant appearance.
Education is desirable not lower than the bachelor' s degree (of any specialty), in the absence of education, but there is a great desire to find a job - we treat each candidate individually
The teaching experience is NOT NECESSARY.
Experience in any specialty from 2 years is desirable.
no criminal past
WillingnessCost of s to be at work in China for a 1 year contract.

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