Advanced 3D Engineer

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Интернет - Программирование / Программист
As a 3D Engineer you will work on a small development team focused primarily on the development of new applications based on our computer vision technologies, e. g. 3D avatars animation, AR, 3D Virtual Try-On etc on different platforms (PC, Web and Mobile) . You will get exposure to problems in graphics, computational geometry, computer vision and machine learning. You must be a fast learner, capable of hacking together prototype solutions using any frameworks, algorithms, papers, etc.

Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree in computer science with an emphasis on graphics/ 3D/ computational geometry
1+ years of relevant industry experience preferred
Excellent general software engineering skills
Proficiency in C++
Ability to work with various 3D libraries (OpenGL, OpenGLES, CGAL, PCL, etc. )
Capable of implementing advanced graphics/ computational geometry research papers
Ability to quickly prototype and test solutions using any available tool and/or algorithm

Bonus Skills:
Blender Python (or Unity3D) scripting experience
Facial (body) motion capture experience
UI/UX inclination
Computer vision experience

Salary negotiable
Official work visa provided
Free snacks during work time

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