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If you are a talented customer service manager, if you do not imagine your life without communication with interesting people from different countries, if your goal is to expand the circle of contacts from around the world and working in the promising team of professionals, ExpoPromoter is waiting for you!

- Native Mandarin and fluent in English with good communication and writing skill;
- Excellent telephone manners and communication skills;
- Ability to work under stressful and pressured environment;
- Systematic, organized, self-motivated and independence and able to work under pressure with good emotional control;
- Good people management and communication skills.

- Manage relationships with organizers exhibition by providing high levels of customer service and account management support;
- Continuously identify work process improvements and communicate to Team Leaders and Manager;
- Manage the schedule to ensure all required tasks are completed as per schedule and in accordance to the agreement and client’s expectations;
- Provide progress reporting to client and management team;
- Monitor/Control the expenses and income from each project;
- Conclusion agreement for re-sign a contract.

What do we offer?
· Young friendly staff, good management;
· Decent salary;
· Office work (city center of Shanghai);
· Schedule: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00

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Бизнес - Финансы - Продажи / Менеджер