Job country Belgium

зарплата в месяц
Рабочий персонал / Работник склада
Job country Belgium (Roeselare)
Machine operator.

You will be offered 2 x 3 month contracts. After a
duration of 6 months, you will be offered a permanent contract directly with Poco Loco.
The first half of your first contract is a trial period during which both parties can end the contract at any time. (6 weeks)
There are vacancies in 2 shifts OR in night shift, you can choose. The starting salaries are:
2 shifts:
Gross hourly salary: 14,98 euro gross per hour (this is including
shift compensation)
night shift:
Gross hourly salary: 17,75 euro gross per hour (this is including
shift compensation)
You will work in 2 shifts OR in night shift:
2 shifts:
early shift from 5h00 to 13h00 and late shift form 13h00 to
Based on your performance you can grow in your responsibilities and salary accordingly!
Meal vouchers: AFTER 1 YEAR, 6,5 euro per worked day
To attract candidates, Poco Loco is offering a relocation fee for successful candidates.
In total the candidates will receive a bonus of 500 euro net, divided in slots.
Fist salary: +150 euro net after that every week they will receive an extra 50 euro per week until the full amount of 500 euro has been reached!
We can provide temporary housing if necessary. The cost will be between 75 euro net per week, which will be deducted off your salary immediately.
Transportation to work A car is not necessary!!! We provide accommodation less than 5
km from Poco Loco. You must buy a second hand bike upon
arrival (we can help you find it, the cost will be between 50 and 100 euro).


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