Accommodation Belgium

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Antwerp. Brussels. leuven . liége. brussels. maastricht. eindhoven

Our standard of housing is:
1) double rooms (and a small number of single rooms, we do not have bunk beds)
2) houses for 7 to 10 people
3) houses with the necessary equipment (washing machines, refrigerators, TVs)
4) there is internet in every house
5) fully equipped kitchen, ovens, dishwashers, 5 to 6 refrigerators 2 very large freezers)
6) sufficient toilets and bathrooms (one bathroom for up to 5 people)
7) place for parking the car
8) partial payment includes all costs (gas, water, gas, internet, heating, waste, etc. ) - depending on the standard of the house, it varies from 340 to 350 € / month
9) houses often have a terrace and a garden

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