Customer Support Engineer Level One and Two

зарплата в месяц
Интернет - Программирование / Администратор
Excellent knowledge of computer hardware and accessories. Have experience with program of monitoring NAGIOS, ZABBIX, also work with program TESIS, JIRA, create ticket for execution, VEEM for customers backup.
Linux base experience. Debian 9.0, CentOS.
(Installation, configuration, problem solving, etc. ). Ability to work and organize protection with Symantec antivirus software, NOD32, Dr. Web, AVG, Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Anti - Virus (work in Administration panel). Internet connection, installing and configuring operating systems of the Windows family including necessary software connection of peripheral equipment (printers, scanners, etc. ). Help the users.

L1 Support (Incident management) – Study: SPOC, ITIL, SOX, SIEM (Qradar).
L2 Support Engineering (Special Group) (ISO/IEC 27001).
Work with programs – Marathon, Consul, Mesos, Docker containers, MITO, Postman, Putty, MobaXtern, Citrix, Pulse Secure, VMware 6.5, vShvere.
Was involved in night deployment (Install, roll back, updgrade new versions).
Work with support documentation for customization.

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