Looking for a job with plants harvesting gardener

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Рабочий персонал / Садовник
Higher education and professional experience of 14 years. conversational English level A. Driver’s license category B of 12 years.
I like to take care of plants and see them grow stronger and bloom. To see the results of work and joy on the faces of people who will receive these beautiful flowers. My ideology is to make this world better, happy and beautiful! I' m a hard worker and I like working with plants because I am an independent and free person so I can come and work with you from 3 months to several years. I' m interested in this work to expand my horizons, learn the language. It is also interesting to get new experience in an international and modern company in the field of crop production.
Age: 35 years. Not married. Without children. I don' t smoke or drink. Mentally and physically healthy, no allergies. Language skills: French with a dictionary and started learning English in my travels (level A). Experience of 14 years. Executive and independent. My Hobbies are learning new things, trips by car, photography of nature.
I am a landscape designer and I am engaged in the design of urban parks and private gardens, the production of works on gardening and landscaping. I' m also a gardener. My professional interests are vertical gardens, creating art objects, sculptures made of fresh flowers and garlands.
A detailed summary in chronological order can be sent additionally.

Contact Whatsapp, Russia, Krasnodar

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