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My name is Ekaterina, I am an entrepreneur and business owner in the construction industry, I created a company from scratch.

I create and develop projects around the world, organize the workflow and the team.

How to change your studio with me:
. The team will be able to do their job better and faster (clear tasks and work on bugs)
. The project will be interesting
. Communication with the client will be able to flow into a conversation in the same language, understanding each other and a plan for further action.
. The ability to create real and interesting projects that will be thought out to the smallest detail
. The team and clients will be united by a common idea

What am I doing:
- Development of a design project from scratch (work in AutoCad, 3d Max, Photoshop)
- organization of the project team
- Work with suppliers and subcontractors
- Creation of a design concept and adjustment at the request of the customer

I have practical experience and knowledge in managing a team, business processes, solving complex problems.

My hobbies are active sports (cycling, skiing, walking in the woods)
I love traveling and the taste of new sensations, I love to read and study, in general I get a 3rd education - this is from a large - scale one, and besides, I constantly take refresher courses.
I am fond of psychology and personal development, I especially like to read - one of my favorite books is " Atlas Shrugged" all books by Robert Kiyosaki
I am a mother of two 9/11 year old boys - so it is important for me to always be on the move.

I light up with new ideas, systems and tasks. I like to raise the bar and constantly do it, routine work is not interesting

+7 (906) 277-37-04


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