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Pastry chef chocolatier

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Рабочий персонал / Другое
Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of pastry chef, sous - chef pastry, chocolatier, pastry cook.
I really want to be accepted for this position, as I believe that I am the most qualified candidate, given my abilities and skills. I have a lot of experience working as a chef in various culinary fields. I graduated from the Technological University of Catering in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with a degree in food technologist and chef. In addition to my high educational qualifications, I successfully completed several highly respected culinary courses, for which I received the following awards: French pastry confectionary course - Cedric Groule, Russian culinary art school and French Confectionery pastry course - Joaquin Soriano in Malaysia.
At the moment I am in Kazakhstan.
I studied in New Zealand in 2017, in an English school.

I have a lot of experience as a pasrty chef in various fields where I have gained strong leadership skills. I gained professional experience in chocolate processing, including handmade chocolates and 3D sculptures, preparing high - quality desserts and cakes, biscuits and pastries such as croissants, tarts, denish and sandwiches.

In addition to being an excellent pastry chef, I was also successful in developing new menus, general food quality control, customer service, and production management.

Attention to detail and maintaining high quality standards are my top priorities in my work.

I am a big fan of my work and would be happy to work as a candidate. I am very educated, self - disciplined, responsible, and I have no bad habits. In addition,

Considering all my above - mentioned skills and experience, I consider that I am best suited to the position of pastry chef, sous - chef, chocolatier, pastry chef.
Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to your reply.



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