1C Developer

зарплата в месяц
Интернет - Программирование / Программист
Ready for relocation. Extensive experience 1. Complex reports on ACS.
2. Printed forms incl. on Excel, Word
3. Various processing.
4. Data transfer (exchange) using conversion rules.
Working with forms (managed and regular).
5. Conditional blocking/unblocking of fields, tabular sections. Conditional programmatic filling of fields on the form.
6. Development of subsystems with the addition of the necessary metadata objects (directories, documents, accumulation registers, information, etc. )
7. Scheduled tasks
8. Downloading files, working with them.
9. Differentiation of users by fields, RLS.
10. Automatic sending of letters from 1C.
11. Search for errors in the code.
12. When finalizing someone else' s code, I try to make minimal changes.
13. Updates of modified configurations.

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