CIO System admin windows-linux DBA Network admin CCNA

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Интернет - Программирование / Администратор
SYS/DB Admin (B1 English, native russian)
Administrating: Bank automated system RS - Bank (PervasiveSQL/Oracle), Windows based network (most active used platform services), unix servers on network edge with firewalls and filters, MS SQL server, MS SharePoint portal, MS Exchange. Cisco network administration (CCNA level). Unix shell - scripting. Backup and restore management.
IT department manager (CIO level)
Set objectives and strategies for the IT department and organisation. Selecting and implementing suitable technology to streamline all internal operations and help to optimize their strategic benefits. Direct and organize IT - related projects and more.

Former DB programmer, system administrator (WIntel, HP, EMC, * nix, vmWare), DBA (Oracle, Pervasive, MS SQL server, SAG Adabas), network administrator (Cisco 40+ devices and VoIP gw), Cisco IPCC UnifiedCom administrator. Have strong experience in managing HW and SW environments from multiple vendors.
Now a deputy director for information technology in a state organization in Russia. Since 2010, two long - term projects have been implemented for regional libraries:
1. A regional bibliographic data processing and OPAC (ILS) system has been implemented in 42 libraries.
2. Implementation, support and development of the RFID system in the library.
Manage 3 departments (20 employees).

Have higher education in the field of information technology of the Novosibirsk State Technical University.
Oracle DBA training w/o cert
Cisco ICND training w/o cert
MS Windows servers and MS system management server training w/o cert
Certified coach (Result Coaching) and business - trainer.

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