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Рабочий персонал / Работник склада
Job application: Seafood Packer, handyman, handyman in a warehouse, on a farm, on a fishing farm.

College of Samara State Technical University – specialty: technician
Samara State Pedagogical University – specialty: History teacher

Work experience:
• 2008 - 2015 senior foreman of the production workshop in LLC " Biomed".
• 2007 - 2008 IP " Salakhov R. S. " head. Direct sales of Consultant + systems; planning; development of sales strategy; recruitment, training, motivation of personnel; control of accounts receivable. Subordinated to 5 - 8 employees.
• 2003 - 2007. locksmith, freight forwarder, head of production at the Municipal Unitary Enterprise housing and Communal Services of the Kamyshlinsky district of the Samara region.

Personal qualities:
Sustained motivated interest in the position, career; performance; creativity; willingness to learn and improve, Loyal, friendly, loyal, grateful.
Physically healthy, strong, regularly do sports. I study English, understand oral and written speech.
It is possible to move with your family. My wife is 38 years old. Healthy, active, engaged in sports. My son is 13 years old, he is already independent, can stay at home alone for the whole day.
Nationality: Tatar. Appearance: European. Married, has a son of 13 years. I have been living in Turkey for 4 years, a tax resident of Turkey. The main citizenship is Russia. I left Russia 4 years ago because of his categorical disagreement with Putin' s policy. Categorically against Putin' s war in Ukraine.

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