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Интернет - Программирование / Программист
Hello, dear Client!

There is a list of the pieces of knowledge which we have:
1. Programming languages:
- Java, JavaScript (Intermediate);
- PHP, Groovy, Scala (Small experience).

2. Database management systems:
- MySQL, Udger, Maxmind DBs (Intermediate);
- EXASol, HBase, TeraData (Small experience);
- Apache Cassandra (Have experience).

3. Frameworks:
- Apache Maven (Intermediate);
- Apache Spark, Apache Flink (Have experience).

4. Technologies for the WWW:
- HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Intermediate);
- Work with Google Drive.

5. Manual/Auto Testing.

6. Information Search Optimization.

Selenium (on Java), Git, GitLab (online) (Intermediate);
Jenkins, Jira, Bash, Amazon S3, ElasticSearch, Velocity, SCRUM (Small experience);
Docker (Have experience).

The main points of our team:
- Cooperation with the development department;
- Creative approach to a workflow.

Our personal characteristics:
- Open minded;
- Curious about new technologies;
- Loyal to LGBT+;
- Tolerant.

- English (Intermediate);
- German (Beginner);
- Hebrew (Beginner);
- Russian, Ukrainian (Fluent).

We' re pleased to discuss our mutually beneficial cooperation.


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